Professional Biography

Although a Utah native since 2004, I emigrated from Kentucky to escape not only the humidity, but also the risk of Lyme disease.  My formative years included Sunday school; however, I now identify as a recovering Southern Baptist, and instead I am member to the North American Judaeo-Christian Consortium of the Bourbon Belt.

As marriage equality has become law and millennial brides & grooms are shifting their wedding experiences away from the ecclesiastical, I became concerned when I overheard rumblings regarding denial of service by stodgy clergy and elected officials.

Marriage accessibility is my objective.  Two people, in love, each accepting the volunteer position of being sidekick to the other, pledging to share their joy and support, should incur no obstacle to document their commitment.

When I am not officiating weddings on the weekend and not scribing SQL during the week, I invest my time in the following:

  • Composting w/ worms (vermicomposting)
  • Backyard chickens
  • Studying for my MBA (University of Utah, Class of 2018)
  • Performing stand-up comedy, see Weddings vis-à-vis Comedy
  • Baking, breads mostly
  • Planning my next epic backpacking trip within the Uinta Mountains
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