How to Apply for Your Marriage License

Utah marriage licenses are issued by the offices of the County Clerks. A list for select counties appears below. Please consult the office of your local County Clerk for fees, identification requirements, office hours, etc. Some counties will allow you to apply on- line, then retrieve your documents in person; others require you to apply in person. Your ceremony need not be performed in the same county as where you obtain your license. For example, you may reside in Wasatch County, obtain your wedding license in Salt Lake County, and have your ceremony performed in Carbon County. The requirement being the license be remitted to the office from which it was obtained.

Pearls of Wisdom

  • It is the responsibility of the bride & groom to obtain the marriage license.
  • Your Utah marriage license is valid for 30 days. No need to rush, you can acquire it a week or two prior to your wedding day.
  • If you have received your marriage license, yet you neglect to bring it with you to the ceremony and retrieving it is not practical, we can continue with the ceremony and sign it within the following few days. I will date it with the date the ceremony was performed.
  • If you neglect to obtain a marriage license prior to the ceremony, we can continue with the ceremony and your guests & family will be none the wiser. However, you will not be legally marriage per the State of Utah. In such a case, you must apply for a marriage license and I can meet you at the County Clerk’s office. To be compliant with the law, I will ask you to affirm you still want to marry, then we will sign your documentation and remit it same day. The County Clerk’s office will not backdate your marriage license; therefore, neither can I. The good news is, your anniversary will always span more than one day.

Honeymoon Package Requirements 

Some resorts may require you provide documentation of your wedding for you to be eligible for a honeymoon package.  If this is your situation, I can scan your marriage license and send to you a digital copy via e-mail.

Your marriage license will display two dates.  The first represents the date it was issued by the County Clerk and will be mechanically printed onto the document.  The second will be handwritten by me and will be the date of your ceremony.  Your resort may require your wedding to have occurred within a specific number of days (30, possibly?) prior to check-in. Confirm with your resort whether a copy of your signed marriage license is required, and confirm you meet the ceremony date vs. check-in date requirements.

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