Welcome to Your Journey

As your journey leads to engagement and nuptials, exploit this opportunity to express yourself.

Not all brides and grooms seek a religious wedding.

Rather, it will focus on them, not a faith.

They seek innovative, indulgent.

Deliberate, yet sprightly.

Centric to you, and your inside jokes.

Your funny anecdotes, Your quirks, Your journey.

Reduce anxiety, engage your guests.

Do not risk parched lecture in lieu of human experience.

Do you want guests lamenting, “…nice as the previous 25 weddings we attended”?

Or, do you want them extolling, “the newlyweds are avant-garde & tasteful to have…”

Your wedding tells your story. Tell it like it is.

Questions? Send me a message. Let’s design something that people will still be talking about at your 50th anniversary.

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Client Feedback

Fun and professional. Made the day easier for both my wife and me.
Lawrence, Wedding Wire
Stephen was AMAZING! He made the ceremony so fun yet very special at the same time. He had the crowd laughing instead of falling asleep! Helped me with little details as well.. Would definitely recommend!!
Meghan, Wedding Wire
Jeff was GREAT! He helped us with all of the details and really went above and beyond! We did not want a traditional wedding and he really helped us combine all of the elements we were looking for. He met with us before, did a rehearsal and the ceremony for less than anyone else quoted us. He was easily worth double what he charged. Thanks for helping us make our special day perfect! I would recommend his services to anyone! Thanks again Jeff!
Matthew, Wedding Wire
Jeff was so great! He is witty, engaging, and endearing. He made our ceremony so special to us. I highly recommend!
Danielle, Wedding Wire
Jeff was amazing, and made our ceremony fun and out of the box. Loved is genuineness when working with him. Great option if you don’t want the normal ceremony.
Lisa J., Thumbtack
Our service was funny, sincere, and fun! We laughed, we cried. But most of all, we were at ease. Couldn’t ask for a more suited ceremony for me and my wife. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could!!
Leisa S., Thumbtack
The wedding was amazing and Jeffrey’s performance was professional yet funny. He helped the bride stay calm and at ease. His delivery of the wedding vows was smooth and uninterrupted. He knows what he is doing. The guests enjoyed his delivery and shared many laughs. He even made the groom promise to cherish his wife when he is grumpy lol. He was amazing!
Rachel P., Thumbtack
Awesome. We really loved Stephen’s unconventional style and loved his sense of humor. He respected our decision to not mention God or religion in our ceremony. I would hire him again.
Marisa P., Thumbtack
Thank you Jeff Watson! Rev. Watson was very professional and worked with us to create a perfect ceremony that fit us and our family. He made the ceremony fun, and also very special. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking for an officiant.
Megan S., Thumbtack
Perfect! Jeff was awesome from beginning to end! Everybody at the ceremony loved him and the humor he put into it. It was a perfect light and loving script. We didn’t want anything too serious or religious. If that’s what you’re looking for, Jeff is your guy!
Tiffany B., Thumbtack
Our decision to ask the Reverend Watson ranks very high among our best decisions we have made. While it may not rank as high as our decision to become Husband and Wife it is near the top. Reverend Watson was both funny and serious and had us and our guests enjoying every moment of the ceremony. It is not only our opinion of the ceremony but that of our guests that this was one on the funnest and most heartfelt ceremonies we and they have attended. We highly recommend the Reverend Watson for your event too.
Katrina B., Thumbtack
T&A’s Wedding! We really prided ourselves in making our wedding our own and starting our own traditions. Jeff made that possible during his portion of the wedding. He did an amazing job touching on the fundamentals of marraige, mixed in humor and involved the crowd and our parties standing next to us. I couldn’t have been happier looking out over the crowd and seeing people smiling, laughing and being entertained. It took all the nerves away and made my interaction with him and my bride a fun experience.
Travis B., Thumbtack
He was amazing! He has a very unique and hilarious ceremony script! I would highly recommend him!
Sara K., Thumbtack
He did an amazing job, he wasn’t boring or monotone he added humor which our guests enjoyed. He was easy to get a hold of and really listened to how we wanted our ceremony to go. I highly recommend him!!
Kayla D., Thumbtack
Awesome all around! Right on time, and made the experience less nerve racking with a good sense of humor.
Dustin J., Thumbtack
Awesome wedding officiant It was a great experience. Very satisfied.
Moises V., Thumbtack